Hey guys! Okay, I'm a HUGE fan of Wizard101 and just had to make a site on whether children and adults should make the decision of playing online games such as Wizard101. Well, three words for you: GO FOR IT! I got addicted to Wizard101 and I've been playing for two years straight, everyday as a hobby. Crazy, huh? But you may think Wizard101 and other massive online games may be just a waste of time. Well, it really isn't. its a time to have fun, get away, and just relax to enjoy getting away from work and school. 
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"I encourage everyone, big or small- anyone of all ages to try playing Wizard101." -Scarlet SilverSinger
‚ÄčThis game has also given me an interest of making and designing computer games as a career.
Although Wizard101 may not be for everyone, there is no hurt in trying it, considering their generosity of a never-end free trial! I just encourage everyone to give Wizard101 a go.